Promises of Virtue (Earthbound Angels #2)

The last thing she expected was to find love, or for it to threaten her entire existence.

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About the Book

Cheryl Brigham never had a need for a bucket list before.

At thirty her priorities change and she steps way outside her comfort zone when she boards a plane to the City of Lights itself. It’s time for her to finally visit the Louvre. She struggles with basic French, and the thought of relying on something other than her wings to fly, but she won’t let that stop her from having the trip of a lifetime. She’s earned it.

She expected to find art at every turn and she did. Monet. Da Vinci. Delaroche. Manet. Michelangelo.

What she didn’t count on was having two different guys, one American and one French, vying for her affections. She also didn’t count on her normally distant heart betraying her. Never one for love, they said no strings, but she couldn’t let him go, even once he was gone.

When he shows back up in her life, everything she’d worked so hard to achieve falls apart. It seems as if heaven and hell are conspiring against the happily ever after she never even knew she wanted.


Series: Earthbound Angels, Book 2
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Tag: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
Publication Year: 2017
ASIN: 1925448533
ISBN: 9781925448535
List Price: 12.99
eBook Price: 3.99
Usually, as a reader, I hold my breathe when a sequel comes out. Will it be as good as the first or will it let me down and have me running for the hills? Well, Promises of Virtue knocked it out of the park!
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