Anticipating Temptation

Winner of Literary Titan's December 2018 Silver Book award!

Winner of the Crowned Heart of Excellence from Ind'Tale Magazine, February 2019 (for audio version)

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About the Book

Char Brown is overweight and underappreciated. But at least she has a boyfriend and a job she enjoys.

Wait, scratch that. He just broke up with her. Over text. And told her to lose weight.

Overly self-conscious about herself and a classic introvert, Char isn’t sure what she’s got going for her anymore.

But Darryl Drummond sure does, and he’s insistent that she’s worth more than she thinks. The only thing he likes more than wine is Char, and he’s not going to relent until she notices. He’s a shrewd businessman and he didn’t get that way on hoping things worked in his favor.

Armed with a magazine column and a newfound appreciation for wine, love, and herself, can she recover from the bruises her ex left behind? Or will she be destined to live in the shadows of her own failures for good?



Also available in audio

Anticipating Temptation, audio
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Tag: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Melange Books, LLC
Publication Year: 2017
Format: Paperback, ebook, audio
Length: Novella
Narrator: Xe Sands
ASIN: 1680464973
ISBN: 9781680464979
"Everything about “Anticipating Temptation” is put together perfectly. The pace and length of the story are spot on. Ms. Perrin does an amazing job of making every word count."
"This was a fun read with a beautiful and romantic story that got me feeling all warm and fuzzy and wanting to relive my romance all over again."
I'm a sucker for a southern drawl, so every time Darryl says 'darlin' I swoon harder. From beginning to end I loved this story.
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