Plays : 'ghost of Valparaiso' and 'conversations with James'

Plays : 'ghost of Valparaiso' and 'conversations with James'


PLAYS consists of 'Ghosts of Valparaiso' - a Play in Two Acts and 'Conversations with James' - a Comedy in Six Acts. About the book: "I was moved by the plays. There are so many images that are alive and they fill us with a desire to begin immediately, playing with the words. The work is powerful and beautiful at the same time." - Anna Maria Lopez Rozas, Director of Compania de Teatro El Riel, Chile "Vltchek's impassioned accusations of political crimes against humanity perpetrated by the USA, the West, NATO come through clear, as they should, in the words of both the ghosts and the survivors, as well as the author's hopes for and appeals to the rest of the world to resist and to be ready to answer the call to go to the barricades in defense of the rest of mankind." - Gaither Stewart About the Author: "Andre Vltchek tells us about a world that few know, even when they think they do. That is because he tells the truth, vividly, with a keen sense of history, and with a perceptive eye that sees past surfaces to reality..." - Noam Chomsky "André Vltchek is a writer, the real thing, of the same calibre and breed as Hemingway and Malraux." - Catherine Merveilleux "André Vltchek offers an unsparing portrait of the world we live in. With his provocative outlook, he lays bare a situation that is really quite simple, and did not begin yesterday: a small group of nations whose economic system has nothing to do with humanism, solidarity or compassion, governs the world, exploiting the poorest countries, making a mockery along the way of the democratic principles humanity has been struggling to uphold for centuries. He also recounts the innumerable excesses that accrue as a result, and touches on the subject of religion, which teaches submission." - Françoise Bachelet "A serious piece of writing endowed with great sincerity, portraying a unique life experience that leaves us feeling forlorn even as it pulls us along in its wake." - Nathalie Zylberman "Once again, it's the context that makes the book. It is quite simply mind-boggling. Andre Vltchek knows very well what he's talking about..." - Yves Mabon "Vltchek, previously unknown to me, consistently and calmly held his own during the conversations, speaking with comparable authority and knowledge about an extraordinary assortment of topics that embraced the entire global scene, something few of us would have the nerve to attempt, much less manage with such verve, insight, and empathy." - Richard A. Falk ..".despite all the terror and despite somber analyses about the battle between 'market fundamentalists and religious fundamentalists' being the main contradiction of our time, Vltchek's novel projects the same desperate hope that once emanated from Man's Fate by André Malraux or To Whom the Bells Toll by Ernest Hemingway, and it is presumably not by accident that French critic Catherine Merveilleux has compared Vltchek with these very same authors. And as a matter of fact, Vltchek evokes strong memories of them, but not just because of his reawakening of the buried tradition of political fiction, but also because of his immense narrative talent." - Michael Schiffmann "Andre Vltchek is one of a few noble knights of investigative journalism. He travels to all the dangerous places in the world, "speaks truth to the power," and reports on the events on the ground. All of this in the hope people could open their eyes and minds and learn the seemingly incongruent fact that there are millions and millions of innocents, people like you and me, who were and still are being sacrificed in the name of the western-style democracy." - Alevtina Rea

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Andre Vltchek
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11 Dec 2014
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