Do Not Disturb : A Novel

Do Not Disturb : A Novel


Inspired by personal experience, DO NOT DISTURB is a delicious, fast-paced journey through the world of international hotels. A thrilling, behind-the-scenes ride-as told by one of the industry's most privileged insiders. To others, Rolfe Ritter is the consummate global hotelier, surrounded by beautiful, talented women. Inside, he is relentlessly pained by personal demons. Born into the torrid milieu of European intrigue following World War II, he was a child when he witnessed the mysterious murder of his father-a decorated war hero and intelligence officer. This one defining moment would not only rob him of his innocence, but unleash a chain of events that would impact his career, his relationships, and his life-forever. Pursuing a lifelong obsession to create the world's finest chain of luxury hotels, his rapid rise rewards him with riches, sex and prestige. But Rolfe's insatiable need for dominance and the inherited lure of international espionage drives him into dark territory-leading him to compromise his beliefs, sacrifice love, make dangerous deals-and breed powerful enemies. When Rolfe learns a shocking family secret, and unexpected circumstances threaten his success, he becomes uncertain of his allies-even his longtime lover, who suddenly appears to have secrets of her own. In an exotic world where greed, corruption and betrayal are commonplace, Rolfe is alone and trapped by the black consequences of his ambition. He stands to lose everything and the lives of those he holds dear are at risk-his death may be the only way out. Or is it?

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Laurence Geller
Paperback | 320 pages
150 x 229 x 26mm | 671g
Publication date
01 Feb 2007
Taylor Trade Publishing
Publication City/Country
Lanham, United States