The Secret of the Pyramids Are Revealed

The Secret of the Pyramids Are Revealed


This book describes what the purpose of the Great Pyramid was used for. Also, it shows many of the parts of the pyramid that currently exist on the pyramid, that existed 12,000 years ago, when the pyramid was first constructed. When you read the book, you will find that the pyramid performed a great function for the people that lived in this area. The people that lived near this pyramid could not have flourished the way they did, had it not been for the construction the pyramid. I describe in this book how the pyramids were constructed, and how easy it was done with the technical knowledge that they had at the time of their construction. This technical knowledge is described in great detail in my published book titled "The Answer to the Propulsion of Flying Saucers", which can be purchased at many book stores, including It is recommended that you read this book to fully understand how the pyramids were constructed to perform this marvelous, and seemingly impossible task, by today's standards, to get the pyramids constructed 12,000 years ago. The understanding of the function, as to how the pyramid accomplished this great work performed by the pyramid is very easy to understand, and a high school senior, studying physics, should have no problem comprehending this book.

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MR Richard Cary Phillips
Paperback | 36 pages
216 x 279 x 2mm | 109g
Publication date
10 Nov 2015
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