The On-Going Story

The On-Going Story


This insightful book is a collection of short stories, poems, musings and jokes. Discover the man who liked to sit in dark rooms with strangers and stare at the wall. The Infinite Library has up-to-the-second books of everyone. Learn to fly in a Lesson from an Angel. Go to the Federal Supermax Prison and meet Blanket Bob, Jimmy the Grinder and the Crunch Monster. Travel to Time, Arizona that has day on one side of town and night on the other. Sheriff Daily runs the town. One Sheriff Daily only works the dayshift and the other Sheriff Daily only works the nightshift. They look alike but they are not twins. Laugh at The World's Funniest Joke and The World's Second Funniest Joke. And shiver to the World's Scariest Scary Story. There's the story of a HUGE spider bigger than a human hand and rats in Ecuador that are as big as cats. Discover the conspiracy of planes being flown to America from Afghanistan filled with a billon dollars of heroin backed by The President of The United States. This conspiracy is uncovered by the reporter (who is later murdered) and two spies, Steve Barrister and Phun Hung Lo, and is reported in The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post and The New York Times. Read about The Invisible Murder and the secret black op fund involving hundreds of millions of dollars. Visit My Spacious House that is ten thousand acres square. Thrill to the story of the baby that walked to glory and how the whole world shook. Find out The One and Only Question Women Should Never Ask Men AND The One and Only Question Men Should Never Answer. Try out the experiment that involves watching the 1990 movie "Flatliners" with The Flatliners Reality Check. This book is funny, amusing, touching and may even make you cry. Enjoy!

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Bruce Baker
Paperback | 136 pages
127 x 203 x 7mm | 141g
Publication date
19 Oct 2011
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication City/Country
North Charleston SC, United States