The Mark! : A Mr. X Mystery

The Mark! : A Mr. X Mystery


Four thugs, two men and two women, all armed with pistols, hijack The Mark's car and kidnap him in Don Laughlin's Riverside Casino parking lot in Laughlin, Nevada, in broad daylight, then drive calmly out of the parking lot. The hijackers threaten The Mark (a victim) with death if he resists in any way, then they rob him, call him racists slur names, slap him, and laugh at him, but they don't search him, a very big mistake! Evidently heading for Mexico to sell the car, a Cadillac, the hijackers stopped in the desert, miles from a town, and let The Mark out without food or water, saying, you can walk to the nearest town and laughed tauntingly at him, then The Mark takes out a CO2 pistol and shoots each of them, stunning them, but not killing them, capturing them and tying them up, then he drives on planning his revenge, and revenge it is, with a vengeance! The four hijackers are now in the evil power of a sociopath, a real bad guy criminal 100 times worse than the four hijackers who kidnaped him, robbed him, slapped him, called him racist slur names and hijacked his car. Bill is a brutal, cruel, merciless, callous criminal with a big difference: Bill doesn't prey on the innocent, he preys on the criminal scum of society, his credo: loot the looters and he does and gets rich doing it and rids his country of the criminal scum infesting our present day world! No torment the hijackers could imagine could be as agonizing, humiliating, and cruel as the brutal revenge The Mark unleashed on them for hijacking his car and kidnapping him, robbing him, calling him racist slug names, slapping him, and for planning to abandon him in the desert without food and water. When The Mark has finished his diabolic revenge he leaves then in a tent in a campground to wake up to the horror of The Mark's last fiendish revenge that will make their lives a living hell for the rest of their lives!

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Paperback | 116 pages
127 x 203 x 7mm | 135g
Publication date
31 Jan 2007
Publication City/Country
Bloomington, United States