Lms Success : A Step-By-Step Guide to Learning Management System Administration

Lms Success : A Step-By-Step Guide to Learning Management System Administration


The second edition of learning technology bestseller LMS Success is now available online after selling out during the ATD International Conference! The book includes videos, document templates, and an online community for readers who register their purchase.

Intended for training managers and brand-new LMS administrators, LMS Success is full of advice regarding learning management system administration. Technical knowledge is optional! Basic concepts and easy-to-use tips are presented along with activities to help you develop your LMS, e-learning courses, and corporate training program. LMS Success was written by a trainer and LMS administrator, with the help of many learning management aficionados.


The functions of an LMS. Best practices from experienced system administrators. Learning and development resources that save you time and money. Activities to help you develop your system.

Learn How to:

Evaluate your learning technology needs. Select and implement an LMS while keeping in mind the needs of your learners and overall organization. Introduce the system to employees and leadership. Assemble and manage a system administrator team. Develop effective e-learning course content and deliver virtual classes. Handle technical issues, support, and system maintenance. Use your learning management system to the fullest extent.

Here are some specific topics discussed in LMS Success

Select the best LMS vendor by setting goals for e-learning, asking the right questions, and considering your company's budget and needs. Determine a plan for system implementation. Market your plan to leadership and employees. Build enthusiasm for your learning management system! Discover innovative ways to deliver e-learning and present virtual classes. Create interactive courses using simple audio and video production. Build an administrator team that has excellent communication and project management skills. Involve all company departments in developing course content. Create excitement for training through inter-department competition. Purchase e-learning software and discover free training and development resources. (Short reviews are included.) Understand basic terms and concepts associated with learning management system administration, including SCORM, AICC, xAPI (Experience API), and more. Set goals for technical support. Manage system outages and anticipate common technical issues. Discover easy methods to make the LMS more user-friendly and appealing to employees. Motivate managers and employees to spend more time training. Use learning management system tools to make administrative tasks, such as data entry, faster and easier. Encourage a positive learning culture by communicating the system's successes and developing an innovative, well-structured training program.

Download Lms Success : A Step-By-Step Guide to Learning Management System Administration (9780986246920).pdf, available at randiperrinwrites.com for free.


Katrina Marie Baker
Paperback | 184 pages
152 x 229 x 10mm | 254g
Publication date
06 Apr 2018
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