Remedies in Equity 2nd Edition - The Laws of Australia

Remedies in Equity 2nd Edition - The Laws of Australia


Remedies in Equity - The Laws of Australia is a comprehensive reference for practitioners and students regarding the power of courts to award equitable relief in Australia. This up-to-date text provides a clear and simple overview of key remedies in equity, grouped into the following topics: * Declarations; * Specific performance; * Rescission; * Injunctions; * Compensation and damages; * Tracing; * Taking accounts; and * Delivery up, cancellation and rectification. Extensive case examples and factual discussion complement a thorough examination of established principles. This includes coverage of the latest judicial decisions and any statutory modification of the remedies in equity. This work also identifies the critical matters which can affect the exercise of a court's discretion and when remedies in equity may or may not be available. Authors David Wright, Senior Lecturer of the School of Law of the University of Adelaide, and Professor Samantha Hepburn of Deakin University, have compiled a readable and authoritative analysis of the practical issues that arise in seeking remedies in equity. This material is also published as part of Title 15 "Equity" of The Laws of Australia legal encyclopaedia.

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David Wright, Samantha Hepburn
Publication date
30 Oct 2019
Law Book Co of Australasia
Publication City/Country
Pyrmont, Australia
Edition Statement
2nd Revised edition