The Death and Life of Gabriel Phillips

The Death and Life of Gabriel Phillips


When Officer Andy Myers met Loraine Phillips he had no interest in her son or any child for that matter. When he was called to an apartment a few weeks later, he never dreamed he'd find that same boy in a pool of blood. Even more alarming than this devastating turn of events was the demeanor of the father standing watch over his son's body.Myers had responded to many calls in that neighbourhood and saw more than his fair share of gruesome scenes, but in all his time in the force, he never saw a man respond to death - particularly the death of a child - in such a way as when he encountered John Phillips. John Phillips faced the usual struggles of a divorced father who had to share the custody of his child. His son had night terrors and died tragically during one of his visits. His faith had always been an important part of this life, but never more so than when he found his son, his life rapidly slipping from him. Instead of losing his mind, he found a deeper faith - a faith most in his community could not comprehend and that created a backlash inconceivable to this man who was wholly trusting God.What follows is a story of a bond that develops between these two men as they come to terms with these tragic events and the unique actions each one chooses to employ.

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Stephen Baldwin, Mark A. Tabb
Paperback | 304 pages
134.11 x 200.15 x 21.59mm | 263.08g
Publication date
05 Nov 2008
Time Warner Trade Publishing
Publication City/Country
New York, United States